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Earning U.S. citizenship is a high goal of many immigrants. Most become U.S. citizens through the process of naturalization. Others may automatically become U.S. citizens as minor children of naturalized parents. Other people, though born abroad, may be U.S. citizens as of their birth through parentage. Benson & Benson, with years of experience in matters of citizenship and naturalization, is able to quickly evaluate eligibility, identify areas of potential concern, and help applicants to achieve their citizenship goals.

Employment offers many individuals a path to live and work in the U.S. on an either temporary or permanent basis. The categories of employment eligible for possible immigration benefits are diverse, and include professions in the arts and sciences, in academia, in business and investing, in athletics and entertainment, in medicine, in agriculture, and in other areas of work. 

Are you an employer interested in learning more about how to hire workers from abroad to fill a season or permanent need? Are you a professional with a distinguished career in your particular field and want to know what is required to seek permission to work in the U.S.? Call Benson & Benson for a consultation. We will go over your particular case in detail and identify a workable solution to help you achieve your employment-based immigration goals.

U.S. immigration law has long provided a system of immigrating through certain family relationships. Once the petitioning relative has filed the appropriate paperwork with U.S. immigration agency, the process of immigrating through family can be quite prompt, or it can take many years depending on the kind of family relationship involved. 

Benson & Benson has years of experience in every kind of family-based immigration matter. We are able to quickly analyze your prospective case and prepare a plan of action to help you and your family achieve your immigration goals. Call or contact us for a consultation, and let us help bring you and your family home. 

Removal proceedings are a legal process whereby the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security formally presents a charge of deportability against an non-U.S. citizen before the Immigration Court. Removal proceedings represent a time of great stress and uncertainty to an immigrant and his or her family. And yet there are forms of relief from removal, as well as various special waivers, available from the Immigration Court for certain qualified applicants.

Benson & Benson can quickly evaluate the case of any person in removal proceedings to determine if he or she is eligible to seek release from detention, and which forms of relief from removal, if any, he or she may be eligible to seek. In addition, by working closely with clients and their families, Benson & Benson can help maximize the chance of a favorable outcome in these critically important immigration tribunals.

If you or a member of your family is facing deportation, call Benson & Benson for a consultation, and let us help you in your fight.

Some kinds of immigration benefits fall outside the family or employment categories. These special immigration matters cover a wide range of possible circumstances, and include, Asylum, Deferred Action or Prosecutorial Discretion, Parole-in-Place for Military Families, U visas (for victims of certain crimes), Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and T visas (for victims of human trafficking).

Special immigration matters are subject to detailed regulations and requirements, and we encourage you to contact Benson &  Benson for a consultation so we can review your prospective case with you.